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Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Dhaka is a foreign representative office in Bangladesh, the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (69 points and 22 representative offices abroad).

RCSC in Dhaka was established in March 1974 in accordance with the agreement between the governments of the Soviet Union and Bangladesh.

RCSC activity is primarily aimed at promoting the interests of the Russian Federation in Bangladesh, making available to the general public of Bangladesh objective information on domestic and foreign policy of Russia, organizing projects and programs that reveal the potential of Russia in the field of humanitarian, cultural, scientific and technical cooperation with Bangladesh.

Russian Centre for Science and Culture coordinates its activities with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in Bangladesh.

Russian Centre for Science and Culture operates in cooperation with the Bangladeshi-Russian Friendship Society, the Soviet Alumni Association, Bangladesh, and the Association of compatriots.

Russian Centre for Science and Culture establishes and develops relations with the ministries and departments of the Government of Bangladesh, regional and local governments, cultural information and research centers, public, professional, creative organizations and associations, universities, secondary and special schools Bangladesh, accredited to the People Bangladesh diplomatic missions and foreign cultural & information centers.

Russian Centre of Science and Culture before it has:

An auditorium for 200 people, which is used for cultural programmes, ceremonies, seminars, conferences and film screenings.

Showroom for the organization and conduct of art exhibitions and workshops, some cultural programs.

Library and reading room. Collection of the library is more than 12,000 volumes of books fiction, non-fiction and children's literature in Russian, English and Bengali languages, and various periodical magazines and newspapers published in Russia and Bangladesh. Russian Fund of documentary and fiction is 110 CD and 410 DVD.

In Russian Center for science and culture are:

Russian language courses, which offers a variety of training programs for speaking skills, in-depth study of the Russian language and learning on individual programmes. Courses provided with modern instructional literature, multimedia materials and necessary accessories. Certificate issued to participants after the completion the course.

Russian Centre for Science and Culture carries out advocacy among Bangladeshi youth on the possibilities and conditions of studying in Russian higher education institutions (universities), assist in a choice of skills and registration of necessary documents for admission to Russian universities. RCSC has direct links with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the various Russian universities in order to select candidates for training in Russia as the state budget, as well as a fee.

There are in the RCSC, the following Art studio, creative schools and clubs:

V A Serov Academy of Fine Arts;

Yoga studio;

School of guitar playing;

School of Contemporary Dance;

An Aerobics Studio;

School of Martial Arts.