Семинар в РЦНК о приеме бангладешских студентов на обучение в России в 2017-2018 учебном году

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on May 31 RCSC in a seminar on the admission of Bangladeshi students to study in Russian universities in the 2017-2018 academic year on a paid basis.

Before representatives of Bangladeshi young people were the head of the RCSC in Dhaka Aleksandr Domin and head of the education department of the RCSC Bazlul Hassan Syed.


During the seminar, head of RCSC said on the procedure for recruitment of Bangladeshi students in Russian universities on a paid basis, the general requirements for Bangladeshi applicants for admission to Russian universities, as well as the necessity of participation of students in a personal interview, which will be conducted by representatives of the RCSC and Russian Embassy .

Hassan Syed Bazlul detail informed the students about what documents must be submitted to the selection committee, how to fill in the questionnaire should be, as well as on the procedure assurance of educational documents in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh.


Present at the seminar at the RCSC representatives of Bangladeshi youth have shown considerable interest in matters relating to the admission to Russian universities. With special interest Bangladeshi entrants rasprashivat on training, housing and leisure facilities in the Russian universities.        

The seminar was attended by 15 Bangladeshi entrants.

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