RCSC head meeting with the rector of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

26 February 2017 at the request of the head of the RCSC in the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) held a meeting with the rector professor Safiulom Islam.

It was the first meeting with the head of the RCSC Safiulom Islam, who was appointed rector of the Buet in June 2016.


During the talks, the head of the RCSC has informed the Rector of Buet allocated quota for Bangladesh to recruit Bangladeshi students of the specialty "Nuclear Energy" and discussed the possibility of cooperation with the RCSC's leading technical university in Bangladesh on the matter.

However Safiul Islam informed about BUET interest in the development of bilateral relations with the Russian technical universities, in particular with the Niau "MiFi" and the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University on the conclusion of an agreement of intent. This issue was discussed between Buet and these Russian universities at the beginning of 2016.

Participating in the negotiations Director of the Institute of Nuclear Energy Buet Professor Rashid Sarkar noted the interest of the Bangladeshi side to invite Russian university professors to give lectures and scientific seminars in Buet within teaching disciplines related to the specialty "Nuclear energy" program "Bachelor" and " Magistrates ". The need for this is caused by the lack of a sufficient number of qualified teachers of Bangladesh.


The meeting was held in a businesslike and constructive atmosphere. The negotiators have expressed the intention to maintain contact between the Buet and Russian cultural center to promote the development dvustronnih ties on higher education and inter-institutional relations.

The meeting was also attended by the RCSC Officer Bazlul Hassan Syed is responsible for organizing the recruitment of Bangladeshi students to study in Russian universities.

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Photo No. 1. During the negotiations with the rector of the RCSC head Buet.
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Photo No. 2. The participants of the meeting (from left to right) Bazlul Hassan Sayed, Professor. Rashid Sarkar, Alexander Demin and Saiful Islam.