“Music of Heroes” can be heard on a special portal

“Music of Heroes” is a new multimedia project of the Russian National Museum of Music, prepared as part of the announced Year of Remembrance and Glory in 2020, conducted with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and with the participation of the State Film Fund of Russia. The project started on May 9 on the platform of http://musicofheroes.com/. Now users of Rossotrudnichestvo’s Internet resources and RCSC abroad have the opportunity to listen to the music of heroes: a link to an online project is available in the Useful Links section.

“Music of Heroes” is a synthesis of the museum and theater, music and literature, photography and cinema. This is a story about those who worked in the rear, fought on the front line, gave concerts at the front, supporting the fighting spirit of the soldiers. In these terrible and difficult years, music united the whole country: in the newly created works, exploits, humor, love, homesickness were reflected.

The core of the project was an audio performance, the script of which is based on real events and archival documents. You can plunge into the difficult years of World War II through the eyes of a young composer, a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory. In June 1941, he, like many students, volunteered for the front. Together with the young man, the audience emotionally experiences the difficult days of the war, read letters and diaries, get acquainted with musicians and composers - they go the hard way of a front-line soldier who was never destined to write his symphony.

Virtual visitors of the audio performance will learn about the birth of the song “The Holy War”, the work of the song headquarters, amateur performances in the army and music companies, the importance of front-line brigades, the orchestra of the besieged Leningrad, the birth of Symphony No. 7 by Dmitry Shostakovich, the film concert “Concert to the Front”, in which Arkady Raikin took part , Lidia Ruslanova, Ivan Kozlovsky, Claudius Shulzhenko and Leonid Utesov.

The author of the audio performance is GITIS graduate Ekaterina Zhutautayte, the director was Vladimir Beldiyan, director of the E. Vakhtangov Theater. The main roles were played by Yegor Morozov and Evgenia Afanasyeva (in the English version Stanislas Vitort and Olga Gankova).