The Head of Rossotrudnichestvo E.V. Mitrofanova extended her warm greetings for the Day of 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War

Dear veterans!

Dear friends!


On behalf of Rossotrudnichestvo and on my own behalf, I cordially congratulate everyone on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War!

This day, we honor our veterans and bow our heads before their feat, which has given us peace for many decades. I wish you, our dear defenders, good health, long life, attentive and careful children and grandchildren!

We pay a tribute to the memory of the heroes and defenders of all republics that were part of the united Soviet Union at that time. Every year, in the countries of the CIS and abroad, with the support of Rossotrudnichestvo, we organize different campaigns in honor of the winners.

At the Agency’s venues abroad, the most solemn events are dedicated to Victory Day. These are thematic exhibitions, memory lessons and concerts as well dedicated to our dear veterans. This year they had to be transferred to the online format due to events known to everyone.

Rossotrudnichestvo, called during the war years the All-Union Society for Cultural Relations with Abroad (AUSCRA), made a significant contribution to the victory. Our extensive humanitarian contacts abroad contributed to the unification of prominent figures of world culture in the fight against Nazism. Numerous USSR friendship societies were created at that time, as a manifestation of solidarity with the Soviet people in their struggle against German Nazism.

Through the AUSCRA, the Soviet Union received medicines, equipment for hospitals, and other humanitarian aid purchased at the expense of foreign public persons. Through AUSCRA channels, the score of the famous Leningrad symphony by Dmitry Shostakovich was delivered to Great Britain, which was then played all over the world.

On this heroic and victorious day, we also remember our allies in the anti-Hitler coalition. We are grateful to the people of Great Britain, the USA and France for their contribution to the common victory against the “brown plague”. I will especially note the creation in 1945 of the United Nations, a universal forum for maintaining global peace.

Our country remembers and honors the contribution to the victory of the veterans of the Arctic convoys. We are grateful to the British people for humanitarian aid to the besieged Stalingrad during the war. This is a special city for me! Legendary for the whole world, Stalingrad, which became a turning point in the Second World War, is my hometown. Here, the memory of the courage of his defenders and their greatest feat is absorbed by new generations from birth. I am sure that every person in the world should visit this place where every centimeter is watered with the blood of his heroes for the sake of our future, the future of our children and grandchildren.

As a special day, our peoples recall the historic meeting of Soviet defenders on the Elbe with an allied army from the United States. That trust and unity should remain an example to us.

The peoples of China, India, Mongolia and other countries were with us on the same side of the barricades and forged this victory together. Today is our common holiday!

That generation of heroes will forever remain a model of nobility and courage. The memory of their unparalleled feat is immortalized in songs and films, books and sculptures. The memory of them will live forever!

We scoop faith and strength to overcome new large-scale threats in the unparalleled courage of our veterans, in their Great Victory, the 75th anniversary of which we celebrate today!

I wish you all a peaceful sky above your head, well-being, well-being of your family and friends! All the best to you.


Happy Great Victory, friends! Hooray!